SuisseID Digital passport and signature

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Further information

As an owner of a valid SuisseID, you can extend the period of validity of your SuisseID online for another 3 years from the date of order without having to send any documents or change SuisseID. The content of SuisseID remains identical. Please note that your new SuisseID will be issued in accordance with the currently effective general terms and conditions.

Please also note that after the period of validity expires, SuisseID can no longer be extended and will not be usable. In this case you will have to order a new SuisseID.

The new validity period starts with the activation date. The remaining validity period of your previous SuisseID expires with the activation of the extension.

Please note that if your signature certificate is blocked (after 3 incorrect entries of the password), this will still be blocked after renewal. In this case please order a replacement SuisseID.

SuisseID is a registered trademark of SwissSign AG.