SuisseID Digital passport and signature

Steps to your SuisseID

Step 2

Activating the extension on your computer


The SuisseID assistant will take you through the extension process. Please make sure that you have the latest version installed.


A) Connect SuisseID


Connect your USB stick or your chip card to your computer.

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Computer system requirements


B) Launch the SuisseID assistant


Launch the latest version of the SuisseID assistant and follow the instructions.


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Download latest version



C) Initiate update


The SuisseID assistant indicates that an extension is available. Enter your SuisseID password. The certificates are downloaded to your SuisseID.

As soon as the update is complete, the SuisseID assistant indicates the successful extension and the new period of validity.


D) Reconnect SuisseID


Remove your SuisseID from the computer and reconnect it.

This prevents incorrect indications on account of saved data in the browser cache. Close your browser and open it again.


E) Check data

 Daten prüfen

As an option, you can now check your data: Check SuisseID



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