SuisseID Digital passport and signature

Steps to your SuisseID

Service Provider Registration

Please fill in the form carefully and click on "Send".

You have to register your portal or your web application in order to use the SuisseID Identity Provider (IdP service) of Swiss Post. With registration you are quickly included in the case of incidents of all kind and also informed by e-mail about:

  • alterations and patches regarding SDK
  • maintenance work and malfunctions
  • new products and features

Technical contact

Via this contact we regularly inform you about SDK alterations, maintenance work and malfunctions and also security themes.

Administrative contact

Via this contact we regularly inform you about new products and features, maintenance work and malfunctions, SDK alterations and general SuisseID themes.

Required information

It must be possible to clearly identify your portal or your web application (e.g. This name is used on the confirmation page as a name of the service provider (Service Provider Identifcation Data; name or issuer of the SAML request).

  • Please enter the return URL (AssertionConsumerServiceURL) which is validated by the IdP.

  • You have an integration platform available for development, test and demo purposes and a production platform for productive operation. In the integration environment soft tokens are also allowed.

  • SuisseID Mobile Service allows your customers to use SuisseID login on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets without having to connect the USB stick or chipcard to the device(more information).

  • The SuisseID Signing Service enables easy to use, legally valid digital signatures in online processes – irrespective of time, location and device. It is therefore increasing the value of the SuisseID identity solution on a lasting basis. Please note that the production environment can only be activated if a contract was concluded (more information).

Optional information

If you have additional return URLs, you can enter these subsequently.

  • As an option you can digitally sign the SAML authentication requests. To validate these signed requests, you have to provide us with the corresponding signature certificate in the meta data. The advantage here: the SuisseID IdP identifies you clearly as the service provider and creator of the request. Please note: It is your responsibility to provide us with a new signature certificate before the old one expires. Otherwise an error message is generated and your users can no longer log in at your portal / your web application.

    Here you can upload your signature certificate.

SuisseID is a registered trademark of SwissSign AG.