Steps to your SuisseID


We use the remote maintenance software Teamviewer for telephone support enquiries in order to provide you with the best-possible support. We pay particular attention to confidentiality and security here.

Confidentiality remains

  • With Teamviewer we can access your computer. Our support employees use Teamviewer but only with your consent.
  • The support employee sees your screen content in the Teamviewer session. To ensure confidentiality, the employee will ask you before the session to close all sensitive files and programs on the computer.
  • Teamviewer sessions are recorded only exceptionally and only with your consent. They are recorded for training purposes or if there are complex problems which cannot be solved by telephone. The recordings are deleted after one month.

You retain control

You can pass on control to our support employee during the Teamviewer session. The employee is required to explain to you every step which he/she takes. But even then you retain full control: You can break off the connection at any time and without warning.

Technically secure

The connection between your computer and the computer of our support employee is encrypted (256-bit AES). Both parties also authenticate themselves with the proxy server (1024-bit RSA key).

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